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What We Believe

what we believe

“Campaigns Deserve a Creative Edge.”

75 percent of your budget is spent communicating with voters on television, radio and the Internet. You can have the best strategy, the best campaign manager, the best fund raiser, the best pollster, the best field organization and the most committed volunteers. But if your commercials don’t set you apart, the voters will never get your message.

The New World of New Media

We believe in today’s multimedia environment, your broadcast and Internet campaigns must be fully integrated. And they have to have a creative edge to grab the voter’s attention. If your spots look and sound like every other political ad, your message will never cut through the clutter.

A winning campaign starts with a sound strategy … and finishes with the best ads in the air and the most engaging Internet content to drive contributors to your website and your message to voters. And it can’t cost and arm and a leg.

“A Winning Campaign Begins With Getting the Voter’s Attention.”


Murphy Putnam Media is unique in the political media consulting world with an expanded range of services and expertise, including Internet strategic services, viral media production, and instantaneous web response.

Heading up our Internet team is Philip de Vellis, one of the leading Internet strategists in the country and best known for creating the Apple/Hillary “1984” Internet ad that set the standard for viral political communications in the New Media Age.

“Convergence is Here.”

Integrated Media

We believe the integration of campaign strategy, traditional broadcast media and the Internet is one of the most important facets of any modern political campaign. A campaign’s Internet presence touches literally every aspect of the campaign — fund raising, press relations, net roots and grassroots field organizing, internal communications and voter persuasion. Our job is to help you integrate and maximize these tools so that all aspects of the campaign are speaking with one voice.

Where once campaigns separated their broadcast media from their online media — the reality is that this new era demands integrated media. And we can help you dominate this new playing field.

“Creativity is Still the Key”

Our combined experience and success in new and traditional media will give your campaign an edge on any platform. And our commitment to strategically driven, highly creative media is a perfect fit for this approach. Just as your television advertising should stand out from the crowd, so too must the online component of your campaign. It’s more than just competing with spam email and popup advertising. The key is creating compelling content and using the tools of the web to steer traffic to your website and create interest in your campaign.

You can’t just hang a signpost on the Internet and hope people will show up. In this interactive medium, you have to entice people to learn more about you. Creative advertising and an integrated campaign can do that. Let us show you how.

Published: 2009-09-20